Your behavioral care with wings

Empower your clinicians with actionable insights, evidence-based protocols, and automated workflows, to improve patients outcomes and reduce team burnout.

Maximize your behavioral health

Better Outcomes

Improved adherence and  treatment success rates by focusing on those at risk

Reduce Cost

Collaborative care and data-driven treatment to improve efficiency

Patient Experience

Enhance patient satisfaction by personal care plan and better access to service

Clinician Experience

Clinical tools and workflows automation to improve caseload productivity and reduce burnout

Collaborate With Your Team.

Coordinate treatment plan updates, track progress notes, and securely send messages with other members of your patient’s care team even if they work in different practices across different EHRs. Ensure patients don’t slip through the cracks during hand-offs and transitions of care.
Sequel.Care allows you to easily keep track of what’s happening throughout the patient journey.

Evidence-Based Therapy.

Our built-in multi-modal templates library includes evidence-based protocols such as CBT, DBT, ACT, IMR, or customize your own to best fit the right treatment to the right patient. Leverage our clinical resources (assessments, handouts, content) to improve efficiency and drive better results.

Make your value-based care work

Providing value-based care is all about delivering a better patient experience, better outcomes, together with improving the organization’s operation and reducing overall cost. 
Sequel.Care technology is your enabler to deliver value-based care.
Our Integrated care platform supports clinicians to easily understand their patient’s overall health, communicate easily using digital interaction tools and get insights, analytics, and reporting for proving the right data matrices.

Increase your Revenues
Get Reimbursed.

Create new revenues opportunity through Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring (CPT codes 99091).
Scale your collaborative care (Behavioral Health Integration- BHI, CPT codes 99492, 99493, 99494, 99484), and brief behavior assessment (CPT code 96217).