Adding value to mental health therapy, it’s what we do.

SequelCare’s personalized, measurement-based therapy platform empowers clinicians with the tools and a framework to plan better, make better decisions, achieve superior outcomes, and drive financial growth.

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Who We Serve

Be more effective and get better results through deeper patient interaction, and more efficient, less time-intensive care-planning and execution.

Effortlessly collaborate with your care-team to enhance your evidence-based therapy, further improve patient quality of life, and improve financial performance.

Gain insights into your multidisciplinary team’s competencies and needs, ensure care continuity, boost productivity, reduce burnout, grow reimbursements, and achieve better outcomes.

SequelCare, Redefining Evidence Based Therapy

Personalized Care

Data informed therapy that drives your care program, your way

Construct treatment workflows that connect with all circle-of-care members, facilitate information sharing, provide real-time measurements and insights, and that are inherently flexible, allowing you to pause or pivot as needed.

Efficient Operations

Streamline your practice for a better care experience

Effortlessly integrate your workflows, protocols, measurements, and knowledge, in a single mental health platform. SequelCare combines these with its powerful therapy toolset to form the beating heart of your care processes.

Productive Collaboration

Bind your team together to provide effective, integrated care

Connect your care teams to each other, to the treatment plan and to external caregivers. Bring down barriers to integration,, ensuring collaboration, transparency, and that your team members are always in lockstep.

Open Communications

Strengthen patient engagement, improve prognoses

Advanced communication channels and an array of engagement features bolster your connection with your patients and their families, increasing patient involvement in their own recovery and improving medicine adherence.

Gain context, sharpen your focus, better your outcomes. Start Now!

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See your plans, treatment history, and all relevant knowledge, side-by-side.
Understand what you need to be measured AND dynamic.
Stay centered around your best practices for the best care-path forward.

What Our Clients Say

"We have been so impressed by the ease of SequelCare’s platform to collect data and use it therapeutically in real time.“

Dr. Erin Knopf
Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of VERY | Virtual Eating Recovery for You

“SequelCare allows us to improve cohesive care when we collaborate with other outpatient providers - internal and external.”

Dr. Miri Bar-Halpern
Director of Intensive Outpatient Program at Boston Child Study Center

״Measurement is the primary foundation of all medicine, and mental healthcare is no exception. Better mental health must begin, therefore, with better measurement. SequelCare offers an impressive measurement-based solution that is closing this gap and can help to improve mental healthcare״

Prof. Idan Aderka
Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Psychology. Haifa University

Upward Business Trajectory

Increase therapist caseload
Earn additional reimbursements
Lower your cost of care
Improve metrics for payers and policymakers
Minimize no-shows

Boost your bottom line and sustain continuous growth.

SequelCare’s platform is designed to augment your mental healthcare operations, leading to superior outcomes, and promoting financial growth

Power-up your therapy

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