Your Behavioral Care With Wings

Enhance mental health care providers with virtual collaboration and multi-modal therapy platform, to manage continuous patients' journey.

Let’s Build This Together

Proactive, Collaborative, Patient-centric care

End-to-End continuous care at scale, keeping highly engaged patients and satisfied clinicians.

One Platform

Connecting patients, providers, therapists, peers and family around unified goals plan.

Evidence-Based at Scale

Measurable, value-based care, and automated evidence-based protocols to reduce team burnout. 

Action Focused

Connect when it matters, act on insights to engage with the right data at the right time.

Virtual Behavioral Care

For mental health & primary care service providers


Sequel.Care delivers a person-centric solution that enables patients and caregivers teams with virtual collaboration, we connect the entire circle of care around a unified treatment plan, keeping everyone up to date up to date.

360 cross-functional collaboration
Automated care coordination
Get your team work better together
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Personalized. Evidence-Base.

Therapy is not one size fits all. Using technology within the context of evidence-based treatments, we enable clients and behavioral health providers with treatment tools that work, making the experience personalized and effective.

Personalized Care Plan
Clinical Resources
Measurable Result
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Leave nobody behind

Sequel.Care technology empowers care teams to manage and track their patients' progress and prevent important information falling through the cracks and illuminate blind spots. Our real-time analytics turns digital bio-markers into actionable insights,  identify patients at risk, and proactively alert for action.


Continuously collect passive and active data signals from patients and caregivers.


Identify behavioral patterns and conditions using artificial intelligence to enable real-time insights reflection.


We deliver impactful, actionable data, including measurable results and progress trends, for both patients and care providers.


Make data-driven decisions to adjust treatment plan. Enable action-focused care with the right treatment to the right person at the right time.

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