The next generation mental healthcare platform for the best possible outcomes, at scale.

Leading-edge technology, advanced tools, and over a century of clinical experience, mean better data and decision making, greater efficiency and engagement, and more personalized treatment, leading to the highest quality of care.

Super Charged Mental Health Therapy Personalized. Automated. Proactive and Responsive.

Streamlined Care Planning

Combine improved productivity with evidence-based therapy to set goals and attain them.

360O Monitoring

Identify deterioration before it becomes acute and pivot accordingly.

Active Mobile Engagement

Keep your patients and care-plan on course with smart nudges, effective communications, tracking routines, and including patients’ inner-circles.

Actionable Insights

Get the current, complete patient picture and possible treatment options.

Comprehensive Analytics and Outcome Reporting

Optimized care workflows, allowing you to manage different levels of support. Monitor progress and adapt treatment for improved quality. Elevate operational efficiency.

Superior Value-Based Care

Claim new codes, hone your caseload management, enhance quality of care and the overall care-experience.

Designed for Collaboration

Strengthen your multidisciplinary therapeutic alliance and integrated care, improve case oversight, and fast-track progress

Gain context, sharpen your focus, better your outcomes.

See your plans, treatment history, and all relevant knowledge, side-by-side.
Understand what you need to be measured AND dynamic.
Stay centered around your best practices for the best care-path forward.

Power-up your therapy

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